About Us

Meet Natural Solutions

Established in 1984, Natural Solutions had one guiding purpose, "to improve lives by empowering others to live an optimal. healthy life by providing access to the highest quality nutrition and supplements."

Operating from New Zealand where healthy living is a way of life, the company has been developing products and formulas that take the best of global solutions and offer them to their world-wide customer base of integrative doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, osteopaths, health practitioners and direct to customers.

Recognizing that there are no cures, Natural Solutions offers innovative holistic nutritional solutions for the body, immunity, microbiome, gut, brain and skin. Over the years these solutions have been refined, and have helped others on their own health journeys. 

The company researched and sourced the best nutrients to allow the body's normal processes support and to function naturally. It did not experiment in cheap formulas, always premium ingredients and formulations.

Many customers say they 'are alive and well today', and are wiling to tell of their journeys back to health. Some customers want natural supplements and cosmetic applications for daily use. Working world-wide with experienced health practitioners, Natural Solutions brings the products that have been the most effective in helping our customers.

Tony Falkenstein, CEO of the Just Life Group, proudly acquired Natural Solutions in August 2022 as an addition to its Healthy Living division of the company.

The Healthy Living division now includes About Health, Intenza, Natural Solutions and Just Water, all with the common purpose of enhancing lives.'

"Everyone deserves a good quality of life on their terms and to be able to make their own choices for their own life."

Behind every successful company there is a dedicated team of experts in the natural health field with leading naturopaths, caring administrators and committed friendly staff.

That's why Natural Solutions has a unique checklist when choosing their team, looking for leaders in their field, bringing knowledge, customer care and initiative to carry on the legacy of the company. 

Powering your experience, health care choices, and delivering with precision world-wide. Connect with the experts, and take your own stance with the best formulas for your health.