Bravo In The Complementary Approach to Natural Immunotherapy

Bravo In The Complementary Approach to Natural Immunotherapy

As a result of my forty years of experience in the field of experimental pathology, I came to the conclusion that microbiome support is an essential complementary approach that maximizes the efficacy of any type of anti-cancer strategy.

To this end, in 2011, I invented Bravo an entire ecosystem based on the microbiome that has the goal to empower the immune system so that it can fight the cancer in the most natural way.

Bravo can be considered a form of natural immunotherapy.

Bravo is an unique microbiome support that has natural GcMAF activity (100 times higher than the purified chemical GcMAF), has powerful detoxifying properties against a number of cancer-associated toxicants, and has an array of health-supporting phages with known anti-cancer properties that is not present in other products.

As demonstrated in the linked articles, Bravo has proven effective as a complementary nutritional approach in a number of cancers.

A simple explanation of what is Bravo and how it works can be found on The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine (issue 36, February -May 2020).

The first version of Bravo that I designed is the Bravo kit for home-made preparation of a highly fermented milk/colostrum product; however, the same Bravo is also available under the form of capsules and as non-dairy product based on the fermentation of hemp seed proteins that has proven effective in vitro against cancer cells.

Bravo oral consumption can be associated with Bravo suppositories.

Up until recently, we thought that the efficacy of Bravo was due primarily to its effects on the immune system. We did not know that the microbes of Bravo can actually go from the gut to the site of the cancer, no matter how distant it is. This opens a completely new perspective since it has been known for years that some microbes are able to kill cancer cells.

A recent article published in March 2023, describes this phenomenon.

Anti-cancer microbes such as the Bifidobacteria - one of the major constituents of Bravo - are carried by cells of the immune system from the gut to the distant site of cancer.

In this context, the uniqueness of Bravo plays a major role because it contains not only a wide variety of such anti-cancer microbes, but also the molecules that stimulate the cells of the immune system and allow them to carry the microbes to the site of the tumor. As the Authors of the study write, these “findings illuminate a key mechanism by which gut microbiota promote extra-intestinal anticancer immunity.”


Marco Ruggiero, M.D., PhD.

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