Bravo and Nanoplastics

Bravo and Nanoplastics

 Dear Valued Customer,

A few days ago, I came across a rather troubling article on NANOPLASTICS and the hazards they pose to our health.

The article reports the finding of a study led by the Columbia University in the United States and published in the journal PNAS.

The researchers identified from 110,000 to 370,000 plastic particles per liter of bottled water, numbers 10 to 100 times larger than previous estimates.

Person opening a plastic bottle

The most worrying aspect of the study is that 90% of such plastic particles were NANOPLASTICS (that is particles smaller than 1 micrometer) coming from bottles and caps, and paradoxically, from the filters used to purify the water.

Nanoplastics are so small that they can pass directly into the bloodstream and travel from there to organs, including the heart and brain. They can also invade individual cells and cross the placenta to reach the fetus.

Even though the aforementioned study refers to bottled water, it is quite likely that, thanks to the novel microscopic technique described in the PNAS article, nanoplastics will also be discovered in other drinks and food.

So, how can we defend ourselves? If we can't avoid drinking or eating nanoplastics, what can we do to fight these dangers?

Fortunately, the microbes come to the rescue.

It is well known that certain microbes are able to use nanoplastics as their food; they transform (or metabolize) plastics and other chemical substances into natural biological material and, as a matter of fact, some microbes are actually used for the purpose of bioremediation, that is the strategy of using microbes - bio - to remediate the pollution caused by man.

Processes of  microplastic degradation

Source: Anand et al., Environ Chem Lett, 2023

Bravo, with its unique composition of highly fermented product and with its extremely high microbial biodiversity, represents an extraordinary tool to eliminate nanoplastics from our body as well as to bind heavy metals and toxins, from the neurotoxic and carcinogenic glyphosate to fertilizers and all other toxicants from industrial pollution [1,2].

The microbes of Bravo in our gut naturally activate a fully natural process of bioremediation that occurs in our bodies and takes care of eliminating these most dangerous, omnipresent, compounds.

While we try to find sources of foods and drinks not contaminated by plastics, an apparently impossible task in these days and age, let's find consolation in knowing that the microbes of Bravo will degrade and eliminate them for us and, who knows, they might even rejoice in eating them.

Thanks for your trust in Bravo.

Yours truly,

Marco Ruggiero

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