Bifidobacteria in Bravo: A Deeper Dive

Bifidobacteria in Bravo: A Deeper Dive

Many Consumers focus on the bigger picture benefits of Bravo, but a hidden world of microscopic allies resides within: Bifidobacteria!

If you already know Bravo, you may have noticed that it contains seven different Bifidobacteria: four are necessary to properly ferment the product (such Bifidobacteria are “naked”) while three are intended to reach the gut unaltered (they are adequately “coated” to survive the gastric passage).

While the Bravo label lists seven Bifidobacteria, an innovative DNA assay, called Axiom Microbiome Array, provides a more detailed picture revealing a significantly higher number of Bifidobacteria strains actually present in Bravo.

The study, authored by Dr. Ruggiero, found 28 matches demonstrating that in Bravo each Bifidobacterium actually comprises several different strains sharing the same core of DNA but differentiating one another for important DNA sequences and functions.

For example, Bifidobacterium bifidum actually comprises nine different related strains while Bifidobacterium longum comprises eight different related strains.

Imagine each Bifidobacterium as the tip of the iceberg. Beneath the surface lies a diverse population, each strain contributing its own functionalities. This hidden abundance of Bifidobacteria strains plays a key role in Bravo's overall exceptional health benefits.

For years, scientific research has highlighted the potential of Bifidobacteria to support gut health and address various health concerns. The sheer variety of Bifidobacteria strains in Bravo confirms that this product offers a particularly rich, diverse, and comprehensive approach to the reconstitution of the healthy microbiome in turn supporting our well-being.


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