Arthritis, joint and muscle pain?

Arthritis, joint and muscle pain?

Provide your body with natural ingredients to aid healing circulation, inflammation, lubrication, and ongoing joint and body care.

 Did you know every day our body is remodelling itself, breaking down bones and joints and rebuilding them. But it needs the right nutrition and circulation to do this. Arthritis is one of the most common chronic conditions, affecting millions of people worldwide.


Your body needs an inflammation response that also balances normal pain response.


Top Natural Pain and Inflammation Nutrients and Herbs

Medication is great for the pain, if it works but, long term, it has side-effects affecting joints, bowel, liver and kidney health.


  1. Curcumin with whey complex or Curcumin taken combined with NAC uses N-acetylcysteine (NAC, ACC), a synthetically engineered chemical compound and derivative of the naturally occurring amino acid cysteine. It has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties and is a powerful antioxidant. NAC is rapidly absorbed by the body and can bind the maximum amount of curcumin.
  2. Boswellia – Frankincense with high AKBA, AcBA, KBA, β-BA , are naturally occurring compounds that are anti inflammatory and reduce swelling. Take with a fatty meal to absorb the anti-inflammatory natural compounds in Frankincense.


Swelling in the body lymph, neck or head area

Cosmetic creams containing GcMAF are very impressive when the swelling response needs to be down regulated to reduce the cells from swelling and being managed.

  • To support lymphatic flow from the brain: Apply some imuno cream to both sides of the neck and gently massage until absorbed. Massage from top (the angle of the mandible) to bottom, to stimulate the lymphatic circulation in that direction.
  • To support lymphatic flow in the upper body: Apply some imuno cream to the axillary area and massage up the arm and away from the breast towards the armpit.
  • To support lymphatic flow in the lower body: Apply some imuno cream to the inguinal area and massage up the legs and down the abdomen towards the groin.
  • Superior Immune Support: Apply to the area over the spleen and massage until absorbed. The spleen is located on the left side of the body under the 9th to 11th rib.
  • Superior Mitochondrial Support: Apply to the area over the liver and massage until absorbed. The liver is located on the right side of the body under the 6th to 11th rib.


Boswellia – Frankincense reduces swelling in the neck and head area that can be helpful for headaches, migraines and cervical joints in the neck.


Building healthy bones – Use Probiotic yogurt


Scientists discovered that the microbiota in the gut, controlled bone mass and blood cells manufacture within the bone.

Studies show that healthy balanced microbiota due to probiotic treatment can improve overall bone health in the absence of disease and decreased bone. The number and variety of microbiota declined when oestrogen levels were low. Restored probiotics and microbiota in the gut make more healthy bacteria and phages of a wider variety. According to the research, the loss of estrogen-induced bone loss is exacerbated by decreasing variety.

Take your yogurt once a day!

One serve of probiotic loaded yogurt can also provide 200 to 450 milligrams of ready to be absorbed calcium. Yogurt also contains fermented dairy products and probiotics beneficial for bone health especially good gut bacteria and colostrum in yogurt that ferments the milk into creamy yogurt solids.

733 healthy post-menopausal women who consumed probiotic yoghurt were the subject of a study by Swiss researchers. Those who ate yogurt had higher bone density and were slimmer at the start of the trial than those who didn't.

Women who ate at least one serving of yoghurt daily had less bone loss and fractures than those who did not at the follow-up evaluation three years later. Yoghurt contains bacteria, phages, and microbiota that live in the gut and large intestine and help with calcium absorption and inflammation reduction. They proposed that the favourable effects of calcium, protein, and yogurt's fermentation—all of which are thought to be good for bone health—have something to do with yogurt's protective effect on bones.

Natural protective plant oestrogens need bacteria to become protective and work as healthy oestrogen on the body.

Medication is great for the pain if it works but long term it has side-effects affecting joints, bowel, liver and kidney health.


  1. Turmeric helps support inflamed knees, backs and joints in our body.

Traditionally, you had two options… conventional medicine’s options or supplements that often didn’t work well.


Fortunately, you now have a third option – your breakthrough “healthy inflammation” hero…


If curcumin never “worked” for you before, it could be that it didn’t get to where needed most (your cells).


If you’ve tried “everything” – including other natural curcumin products – without much success, you owe it to yourself to try Curcumin with whey complex for ultra absorption.


Top joint rebuilding nutrients

  1. Chondroitin and glucosamine
  2. Antioxidants, resveratrol, and vitamin C
  3. Essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6 and 9 from oily sea fish, freshly dried nuts and seeds lubricate the synovial joint fluid from within.
  4. High quality probiotic yogurt

5.Ironically movement heals, but the right movement that doesn’t keep causing damage. Movement but gentle supported movement that doesn’t keep the damage up. A movement that supports circulation and continued joint health. It’s very good for rehab. Choose one that suits you. Yoga, weight training, walking, water rehab.


In a study, 70% reported significant results in one week, and 50% of those within 24 hours. 

Studies show that the longer you take curcumin the more benefits you enjoy. Everyone is different. Some people take longer to reach homeostasis than others. Give yourself your best chance for success.



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